About Five Star Logic

Our Organization

Five Star Logic is an IT consulting services company founded in 2003. We are based near Chicago, Illinois.

Enterprise Education Group (EEG)

Earning a 100% customer satisfaction rating, EEG members combine decades of experience to create a unique approach to training. Our educational services integrate our expertise in business systems, process optimization, and adult learning principles in a measureable, performance-based program that suits the needs of your employees.

Innovative Products Group (IPG)

The IPG design and development focus is to design intuitive, results-driven solutions using the simplest programmatic approach. The group delivers products prepared for the Windows platform and the Internet, utilizing the latest technologies and leading software development tools. Bolstering the success of the IPG is its relationship with the EEG group, providing constant awareness of current needs in the marketplace.

We are committed to offering quality services and products
for all your performance improvement needs.