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Officient: Slides or Guides in One Click

Policy for Sales, Licensing, and Support



  • We make every effort to deliver our trial software versions as functional and complete as possible. All Five Star Logic trial versions allow the customer to explore the complete functionality of our products. Therefore we do not accept returns for any reason. We encourage prospective customers to take advantage of our trial period to fully explore our products.
  • Five Star Logic reserves the right to review each order and determine if any changes to the order are required. You will be notified by a sales representative in the event any inaccuracy occurred on the order.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


This information does not constitute the entire details of the Officient end user license agreement (EULA). Click here to view the details of the Officient EULA.

  • A license for the software may not be shared by alternating use of the software between different users
  • Free trial versions of the software are not licensed to you, expire after 30 days, and may have reduced functional capabilities
  • We reserve the right to modify the software at any time and without notice to you


  • Free trial versions recieve 30-day access to the Five Star Support Program
  • When you purchase Officient Professional you have a choice between a 90-day and 1 year subscription to the Five Star Support Program
  • If you choose to extent your support beyond the initial period, you must puchase a Five Star Support Program subscription for all the licenses you own.

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