uSource: Operating at the Speed of Information

Product Features

uSource makes it easy to organize all your business information and enable the users of this information to organize it in a way that makes sense to them. uSource bring simplicity to your complex business landscape.

Organize and Personalize

  • Find and display content using a variety of targeted search options
  • Create and maintain a Library of your favorite business files
  • Use your Library files to create ordered lists called Subjects
  • Reorganize and personalize Subjects and their content
  • Manage and sort your Subjects in multiple Views
  • Recommend and recieve files, Subjects, or Views to other uSource members
  • Enable the SAP context-sensitive help feature for targeted support
  • Integrate uSource with the SAP document management system

Easy To Use

  • Intuitive user interface delivers high-impact performance
  • Works with your existing business files
  • Controlled file authoring and maintenance workflow
  • Affordable pricing and outstanding customer service

uSource delivers a creative and collaborative solution
for all your content management needs!